Just because you have legs, it doesn’t mean you’re a runner.

Most people have brains but they choose not to use them, so why do we force women to have kids if they don’t want


This isn’t a post about abortion so calm down. (It’s on the way though, my creativity is fertile.)

If a woman decides that her womb is not open for business, its none of your business. It’s strange but it happens. Tables are shaking right now because some marriages are based on unwanted children but society dictated that the woman has no choice but to use her womb.


Came across an article about a young lady that has decided to join the nunnery and the trolls (all males) were passing comments about how she was wasting her body. Even the way the tweet was framed was all sorts of problematic (in my opinion anyway, which you come here for so continue we shall.)


If the woman won’t carry the kids who will?

The OTHER women who would like to be mothers. It’s very important to agree from the start that the marriage will have no kids. Ne-Yo made his girlfriend undergo sterilization and changed his mind and resumed having kids with another woman. John Cena told the Bella twin – Nikki that he didn’t want kids at all and he had a vasectomy. She left because she wanted kids. It’s unfair to be making people’s children go against their wishes in the name of love. If you want kids, find someone who wants kids, it’s really as simple as that. Don’t get into it thinking maybe they’ll reconsider, you’ll waste each other’s time.

This kind of thinking is anti-biblical!

Oh wow. Okay, so the bible in Genesis says, go forth and multiply and replenish the earth. It’s one of the things that we were mandated to do. But in true biblical style, it also goes on to say if someone chooses to be a eunuch and they have the self-control for it then let them be. Some of you don’t recognise the bible until your Papa distorts it for you so I pardon your ignorance. God is very clear about free-will and letting people choose and you’re okay with that until a woman has to make a choice.


I don’t care what your reasons are, if you know you don’t want to have kids then don’t have them. Take necessary precautions to make sure you never get to the bridge of abortion. There are multiple contraception methods you can explore to ensure that your womb remains vacant. There are also permanent measures but you need to be very sure before you opt for these because there’s no coming back from them.


Look after yourself and your womb, it’s still a part of you. You wouldn’t neglect property just because its vacant, it’s still yours and you can change your mind anytime you want and lease it for 9 months. It’s gotta be your decision. Kids are a lot of work emotionally, psychologically, physically, financially even, it’s unfair on them for you to have them and not give them what they need.