Charlie Sheen’s confession about his HIV status came at an opportune time as we were headed to World AIDS Day. It has not only raised awareness on the issue but has also exposed the ignorance surrounding the topic. Ignorance hinders the fight towards zero infections. For many HIV positive people it is very hard to come out and tell people that they have the virus. But this is an integral part in insuring the virus doesn’t spread any further. We encourage you to know your status and the media’s coverage of Sheen’s story has only heightened the fears that deter us from getting tested.

Charlie’s confession had a widespread media backlash which may have now taken us two steps back. Yes, he is famous and his life is in the public eye but the harsh comments towards him will affect even everyday Joe’s feelings who also has the virus. Charlie admitted to having over 5000 sexual partners and this will perpetuate the stereotype that people with HIV brought it on themselves which is fatally flawed. HIV can be contracted through various ways and it’s not always purposeful or by choice. We can’t say babies born with it deserved it. Several adverts were constructed to challenge this misconception whereby a pastor admits to having the disease to prove anyone can get it. But with these ‘prophets’ these days living a Charlie Sheen lifestyle God be with us.

Watch Bree Olson’s video here

Charlie’s girlfriend Bree Olson who was living with him at the time he supposedly learnt of his condition is suing. She claims she had a right to know which I concur with but she goes on to display her ignorance by making tasteless comments such as, “He could have killed me,” and referring to HIV as a, “death sentence.” In this day and age when we are preaching positive living that was politically incorrect. Charlie and his P.R team should have formulated a better strategy to break this news. I feel like the angle altogether was wrong. The interview should have been more compassionate and personal as opposed to trying desperately to exploit it for all the drama and juicy bits.

There’s really no business like show business. Charlie Sheen makes his confession round about the same time Two and a Half Men is on its final season. Coincidence? I think not. But I’m not about to speculate. I’m just glad that Charlie Sheen coming out is different from the usual stereotype that HIV is from black homosexual men. Feels weird saying this but Imma say it anyway, “Happy World AIDS day.” And in the words of @RuvhenekoP, “Be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.”