It’s not you, its them.

You wont believe me because you think you’re all that’s wrong with the world and that’s not your fault. The people around you did a bang up job messing you up. There is nothing wrong with you.Nothing has ever been wrong with you. You are everything you were meant to be.

Everything works out in the end

What you are going through will not last forever. This too shall surely pass. You may not believe this now but none of all this drama will kill you. It really does make you stronger in the end. The woman you become is so strong you’d be scared if I told you the things that she has endured and conquered.

God can hear your prayers

You’ve been praying and you are getting weak from the late night vigils. Your knees are blood-red and raw. You’ve been pacing up and down the dining room and you’re almost dizzy. You think God can’t hear you. You’re wondering why your prayers aren’t being heard. You have even forgiven Scar from Lion King just in case God can’t hear you due to unforgiveness and bitterness. The time is not right, I am now living the life that you prayed for. Good looking out babe.

Big Black Spoko isn’t God’s last born male

You’re still thinking you will never ever get over Spoko but guess what, you do. We held on for such a long time it was almost ridiculous. We shifted goal posts so many times in terms of what we wanted from him. We wanted closure, an apology and sometimes a reason why things didn’t work out but all that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s like he never happened. That heartbreak was the labor pain that birthed the greatest love of all. Stay loving you, wanting the best for you, riding for you and rooting for you.

Making money will never be an issue

You’re talented. Extremely gifted when it comes to birthing good ideas. Your biggest obstacle is yourself. You don’t believe in yourself enough. The people who you keep bringing into your projects don’t give a flying rat’s donkey about you or your vision. You think its betrayal but its God’s way of saying girl you can do it, all you need is me. And guess what? You’re doing just fine. You are splitting the pie only three ways.

You’re well on your way

Things don’t feel like they are working out but they are. Don’t give up, it all pays off. Keep laying a brick one day at a time and soon you will find that you have built Rome. God stays true to his promise, he said whatever you sow you will reap. Keep sowing honey, make this money.