I should have included myself in this list cause I take bomb pictures but y’all would accuse me of rigging. When I started taking an interest in personal branding, creating an online image was of interest to me. I have been dying to have my first professional photoshoot done but fear keeps slowing me down. I want everything to be perfect, hair, make-up, accessories and wardrobe. These images will be a visual expression of my brand and they need to speak of me appropriately.


Denzel Alpha Photography

You will not believe how much he costs an hour! But he is totally worth it. I first discovered his work when he did a photo shoot for ZiFM Stereo’s Misred. Yes the woman is already stunning but the pictures taken by Denzel are next level. My life goal is to afford his rates because I know I’ll regret nothing. When my shoot is done by Denzel Alpha, y’all will know I have made it in life shem.


Kennedy Famba

He is my best friend for 10 years strong. I have seen him explore various hustles but none that excite him as much as photography. I have had the pleasure of being beside him when he captured some of his #EverydayZim photos. If you need something new and way out of the box he is your guy. When I finally shed my love handles and sausage rolls this guy will do my boudoir shoot and you will love it.


Ernest Mackina

Daddy Mac! His photography I stumbled upon on his blog called The Untitled Chronicles. I suspect this is a case of hobby gone cash cow. Because he went from doing event photos and city landscapes to now doing weddings and professional photoshoots. He is the guy that will do my wedding photography so my future husband needs to hurry it along because I have made the booking.


Photographers all bring something different to the table. They have different strengths and weakness and they also have diverse creative ideas. Find the photographer that specialises in the objectives of your photoshoot. Research their work and make sure they are the right one. Be sure to pay full price because all that time and equipment ain’t free. Invest in your brand and get it right the first time. You get what you pay for. So if you pay minimum, you will get minimum results.


Which photographer does it for you and why?