Where I come from, you can’t speak ill of the dead. No matter how scandalous the person was, at their funeral, you are expected to celebrate the good things about them and remember their sins no more. But Hollywood had found a new way of destroying people’s lives even after death.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about those Lifetime movies that they make based on a celebrity’s life story. They are nothing like the E! True Hollywood Story. The Hollywood story was well researched and gave an in-depth insight into the lives of celebs both living and dead. For the former, the celeb would be interviewed and would feature on the documentary about them.

I had the displeasure of watching the Whitney Houston, TLC and Princess Diana movies. All I could think of was, “Did the families of the deceased sign off on these movies being released? Perchance they were so greedy for royalties at the expense of preserving the reputation of their loved one after they have gone to be with the Lord. Even in death they are still being exploited to be the bread winners of the family.

When I watched these movies, I wanted to understand these people’s life stories, to understand them better. I have watched many true-life stories but these three stuck out the most because I looked up to these women. In the Whitney movie, she is potrayed in the worst light like she was the bad cougar that got innocent Bobby Brown into a life of debauchery. In the same movie, they make her seem like she couldn’t make a decision on her own and that Bobby had this authoritative power over her.

I’d have liked to exclude my opinion about the Princess Diana movie because it will just sound like an emotional rant. I am not rational when it comes to this movie. I watched it once, twice three times a rubbish. She was depicted not as I had imagined her my whole life. They took her off the pedestal and reduced her to a promiscuous, petty, attention-hogging, unfaithful woman. I understand that we are always looking for a ‘different’ angle but there was nothing wrong with the angle that we grew up with.

Why would they do this?

I haven’t the foggiest, I can only speculate. And all I could come up with is that a dead woman can’t drag you to court but a washed up, has-been probably could.

The Aaliyah movie was horrible but at least her family came out and disowned it and vowed to get a proper tribute done for their daughter. The casting for the Aaliyah movie overshadowed the movie with most people in uproar that Zendaya woulda been better suited to play Aaliyah. This story was hilarious. I watched the movie on Twitter before I actually saw it on TV. Nina Simone’s autobiography was also shrouded in casting scandals which I concurred with. Zoe Saldana looked better blue than darkened. It felt like they were poking fun at dark skinned girls in the same way that black face was offensive to black people as a whole.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it. Look up the movies that I mentioned and see what I am going on about. I don’t want a movie to be made about my life posthumously. Listen to my story now while I am still available to tell it. Don’t drag me from my coffin to embarrass me.

These people could even ruin Mother Teresa, wondering why they haven’t attempted it yet.