I started my #SheHeals journey in December last year, I am well aware that we are now in April but healing isn’t something you want to rush through. I have really taken my time with it and it has helped a great deal. Besides the tears and gloom there are a couple of things that bring me peace, yes, shocking I know. There are different things that give pieces of me peace emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The love I have from my sisters

These 4 women are the Vicodin to my Gregory House. I love that they get it. They have experience from birth how to handle Thembi Terry. They know if I’m sitting under the kitchen table things would have gone really wrong. I suppose this will change when I have kids but now, they are mon raison d’etre. Most of the time, they are the reason I carry on but other times it’s because of money. They are all brilliant in their own way and contribute respectively towards my dreams and ambitions.

Knowing I’ve done all I could

I give 100% in everything I do. Win or lose, I’ll never half-ass anything. If I don’t think I can deliver to my full potential, I’d rather decline the opportunity altogether. I like to intentionally set myself up for success. If there is a possibility of failure I will not engage. I don’t wanna let people down, especially the ones that believe in me. It’s not a fun feeling. I give it all I’ve got and looking back now at everything that didn’t bloom the way I would have liked, I am content knowing that I gave it everything and everything else was outta my hands.

My ability to have emotional amnesia

I hardly get mad, like really mad. It takes a lot to get me to that level. I’m lying, when it involves an attack on mine I get there pretty quick without too much help. Besides the deep-rooted scars, I am very good at forgiving people. I have the grudge retention of a toddler. I’ll be mad in that moment but like an hour later I’ll be over it. If its grievous emotional harm, it won’t subside until tears have been shed and I have slept. When I wake up it will be like it never happened. Thank God for this default app otherwise I wouldn’t be able to function.

Serving a living God

I have seen the hand of God in my life. The things that I prayed for, I received. When I pray I do feel a difference. After an honest prayer session, I feel lighter. It all gets clearer and I always know the answer will come. I am never sure when but I know it will eventually come. ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ is such a personal favorite for me because I can relate. Humbling myself and handing issues to God has helped me lighten the load. Peace be still, I know that he is God.

What gives you peace today and why?