The only #WCW Women Creative Wednesday that I attended was Zimbabwe’s fashion and lifestyle blogger Ameera Mimi of Kicking it With Mimi. She is a multi-award winning blogger and owns the Top Billing of Zimbabwean blogs. She is the current brand ambassador for Legacy Lifestyle and has featured in music videos such as Military Touch’s Chekeche and Ammara Brown’s Akiliz video. Now you see why I had to attend this specific #WCW session.

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She has been one of my blogging sensei during my blogging journey. She shared about how she started blogging, where it’s taken her and where she plans to go with it. I was inspired. Real inspiration not just when you say I am inspired and go home and sit on the golden nuggets that you have just been given. I felt challenged because I had been blogging for 4 years and I didn’t have vacation pictures to show for it. Something had to change. I WhatsApp’d my website guy that evening to say things had to level up. I emailed him a long list of things that had to change on my website immediately.

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Not only that, but I also decided to start a webseries called, ‘The Creative Collective: Bloggers Edition.” The aim of the show was to start profiling Zimbabwean bloggers to raise awareness on the craft and to give them a platform to explain what we do, what they have learnt and how they have branched out from blogging to monitise it. Guess who was one of my guests? Ameera Mimi. The plan was to have bloggers from different niches to come and shine the light on their respective niche and to find similarities and strategies that can be utilized across niches. Due to technical difficulties that were beyond me, the show was shelved after the whole season had been recorded. It still breaks my heart just thinking about it. But do we stop? Nope, will find another team and give it another go. Stay tuned for that.

#WCW Women Creative Wednesday is an intimate presentation & discussion platform focused on introducing and educating young women on careers in the creative industry as well as connecting them to mentors and peers within the sector. One Wednesday a month a leading creative woman comes to Moto to give an awesome talk to her peers.”