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Thembi’s blog is informative on a wide range of issues but what I love the list about it is that it’s really provocative you are never ready for the truths that will leave you shaking. And I love love Thembi.

Thandeka Mujati

Thembi’s blog is a rare find on the internet. Everything posted online seems to have a filter and honesty is hard to find, until now. Her blog reminds me that the truth matters, I can hear her voice in each piece and it whispers I’m not alone. Her writing reminds me that there is no final destination in becoming a better person, it’s a continuous process that we must work at daily.

Thandeka MujatiCopywriter
Ameera Mimi

Bold, unedited, honest and eye opening! Thembi Terry’s blog uniquely takes you though her everyday encounters and life lessons we can all relate to and learn from. A rare voice for the young African man or woman discussing everything from love , sex , beauty and even witchcraft! Entertaining and informative! I definitely enjoy kicking it with TT.”

Ameera MimiAward Winning Lifestyle Blogger

“Everytime I get a notification that Thembi Terry has blogged I get excited because I absolutely love reading her posts. She tackles real life issues, she’s open and honest making her relatable and goes to show that life goes on and that you can overcome anything you set your mind to.She’ll tackle real life issues and share her experiences but won’t bum us out. The use of GIFs add comic relief but it gets the point across.”

NobuhleAvid Reader/Sister

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