Fear Won’t Let Me Try Something New

Have you ever been so afraid to fail that you’d rather not make an attempt in the first place? That’s the kind of fear that I have when it comes to business ideas. I will keep meditating on why the idea won’t work until I am exhausted by it. I am the prophet of Doom and I always assume the worst.
They won’t buy it
It’s not good enough
Nobody would pay for that service
This is the reason why I have been unable to start a project on my own. I always feel like I cannot pull it off on my own.

Fear won’t let me pray

Even though you lose nothing when you pray, fear makes it seem like prayer is such an all-or-nothing kind of risk. When I am scared I find it difficult to pray. I fear my prayers won’t get answered and I’ll end up questioning my faith. Or worse, cursing God.

Fear won’t let me be happy

Last year I started seeing an amazing man. 7 months later and I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m scared to be happy because what if I start being happy and it all gets taken from me. I’ve survived severe disappointment. Where opportunities that seemed to be mine were ripped out from under me. Where all my blessings came in disguise. And doors kept closing for my own good. These experiences are now keeping me from being happy because I am leaving too much room for disappointment.

Fear won’t let me buy things online

Don’t laugh. This is a genuine fear. I’ve been bamboozled by these e-commerce vendors. Situations where Terms and Conditions are applied or loopholes are exploited. I’m so skeptical now. Also because Dubai and China are perfecting the art of counterfeiting. A while ago you could spot a fake from a mile away. You could also tell from the price that this thing isn’t genuine. Now, it looks as good as the real thing at exactly the same price. I’ve bought things that I had to throw away because they were authentic replicas.

Fear won’t let me close my eyes while bathing

Fear won’t let people stand behind me in high places

Fear won’t let me fall asleep with the light off

Fear won’t let me take a shower in a hotel

Fear won’t let me brag about anything because life has humbled me before.

Fear won’t let me let you hold my ears.

What are some of the things fear won’t let you do?