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Copywriter. Zimbabwean Blogger & Vlogger, Stockfootage Model. Est in '89. Founder . PhD in African Science & Herbalism.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Beigetreten Juli 2011


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    Hello 🤗 I’m a content creator from Bulawayo, based in Harare. Currently working on building an audience for my blog/vlog. Get to know me: 💌: 📷: 🎥:

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  2. I was tuned in to today’s session. Twas really insightful 🤯

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    They say everything will be okay in the end.. If not, it's not the end.... episode 10 season finale

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    The One House Reality Show website is now up and running. , you think you have what it takes to win the 50 000 USD cash prize. APPLY for auditions

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    THE SEARCH FOR OUR NEXT BRAND AMBASSADOR. We are looking for fresh aspiring Models. Who Are within 18 - 25 years of age? Here is an opportunity you can't afford To Let pass by.

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  6. Imma Be First In Line to Write My Provisional Learner Driver’s Test Online

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    Zimbabweans , what annoys you / rubs you the wrong way about Zimbabwean Youtubers?

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  8. How He Probably Mastered The Art Of Owning You

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    This edition of the has been more tumultuous than the year we are in. Thank you so much for your support. Between staff changes, web dev issues and the economy it's been tough. And yet we received over 8, 500 votes! We have moved on to the expert judging phase...

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    Join me live this Thursday at 2PM EST (UK/NIGERIA 7PM) Sign up here - Discover how to Reinvent Yourself. Let's chat. See you soon.

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    The African Rock Python is a constrictor and has a very powerful bite. I used a broom to show you how you can use it to your advantage instead of killing it. Please like and retweet to help conserve this snake. Follow to know more on snakes

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  15. Always A Diva, Never A Bridesmaid

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  17. I have made peace with “private life private”

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    Netflix Watchers of Zimbabwe! Which show was better? Vote and Retweet

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  19. Not Just Anyone Can Take Pictures Of Me

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    When they speak of abantu be Nkosi they speak of Bulawayo women. Bulawayo women are not capable of infidelity!

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