085. How to Use a Speaking Rider

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Have you ever heard those crazy stories about musicians who would include ridiculous requests in their riders, like Van Halen and their brown M&M clause? Ever wonder exactly what a rider is and if you need one?

While you don’t need to go the Van Halen brown M&M route, a speaking rider is still a good idea. On today’s solo episode I explain what a rider is, why you should have one, and why sometimes those ridiculous requests have a good reason behind them!

You’ll hear about all of that and much more on the 85th edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • The important reason Van Halen didn’t want brown M&Ms backstage.
  • What I include in my rider, and what you should you include in yours.
  • Can you request a specific seating style at your speaking gig?
  • Should you include your rider as part of the contract, or separate?
  • How to walk the fine line between making requests and being demanding.
  • What is the point of having a rider?
  • Do most clients read and remember riders?
  • And so much more!

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