Thembe Khumalo


A multiple award-winning leader building brands and telling stories in Africa | Writer | Speaker | Entrepreneur | A slow long-distance runner.

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    People can begin to find their own solutions . Well done and Zimbabwean citizens

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  3. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT📣: I’ll be live with this Friday at 10:00 am! Tune in for an inspirational LIVE session with this former pilot and founder of 💥💥 SEE YOU THERE! 💥💥

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    “Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey. Leverage on your network and do not be afraid to seek help.” - ‘20, Managing Director at Mw Trading Limited in and ’s .

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    HINDSIGHT is 2020: A great way to LEARN & GROW is via MIRROR TEST. If you are worried about job, money & future during this crisis LOOK in MIRROR and ask your self “WHAT is this CRISIS TEACHING ME about ME, WORK & MONEY & WHAT will I DO DIFFERENTLY when crisis is over?”

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    MIRROR TEST. Ask your self, “My two most valuable assets are my time and my money. For a brighter future WHAT will I spend my time and my money on in the future?” Please comment if you would make changes. HINDSIGHT is always 2020. VISION is your future.

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  7. It’s happening in half an hour! Don’t miss this conversation Live on Instagram

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    💥READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL?💥We are 👀👂🏿💡 with the powerhouses that are & on 10.04.20!!! Join us to unlock the ins and outs of 📊growing 💰your 💼 in a shrinking 🗝

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  10. The Lives are lit! 🔥 If you haven’t been with us on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Instagram all I can do is feel sorry for you😑 Don’t miss my conversation with the founder of Nigel Mugamu AKA this Friday at 10am CAT

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  11. “Before you can launch a bestseller, you have to write one.”

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    expert Rachel Adams (.nyaradzo.adams) & expert Thembe Khumalo ( Khumalo) go LIVE on this Friday 3 April! and don't miss out as these industry giants explore deep work! We can't wait... Can you? Comment below!

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  14. This morning I was asking if I could swop Saturday with today then on Saturday I’ll just act like it’s Thursday and do today’s work then. The people said no. 😔

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    GOT QUESTIONS? Join Brandbuilder's and Narachi Leadership's Rachel Adams LIVE on Brandbuilder's Instagram page this Friday at 10:00 am CAT. Make sure you follow brandtobuildco on Instagram for live video notification!

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    REMINDER: LIVE VIDEO tomorrow :00 am!

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  17. It’s on again tomorrow 🌿⛅️

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    This was refreshing. Thank you for sharing Personal Branding tips. “Before you start thinking about brand, think about your purpose. Why are you?” 21 days is a long time to reflect on this!

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    📣LISTEN HERE📣 If you're a: 😎 or interested in Personal Branding... But you're not sure how to elevate your to the next level... DON'T MISS our video with TOMORROW (Monday 30th March 2020) @ 10:00 AM here:

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  20. Wow! That is devotion and dedication. When your job is tour calling... 🙌🏽

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