We have meal vouchers to GIVEAWAY. Excited? We are! Denim Woods recently released a song and we're challenging you to the #HomeAloneChallenge. Here's what you need to do:
- post a video of you doing the routine
- use @denimwoods @munchzimbabwe and #HomeAloneChallenge in your post


Do all of that and you stand the chance of winning a meal of your choice.

Competition ends on 1 May 2020.

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Our competition is still on and we want you to partake in the #HomeAloneChallenge. Enter today and you to stand a chance of winning meal vouchers with Munch and Denim Woods

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terrible service it's been 3 hours since I ordered and nothing has come and they dont even bother to... call me and update Mehr anzeigen
Ordered from KFC belgravia and it was very fast and efficient🙏🏾
Haaa mandiuraya nenzara. The first time I ordered I waited a good hour, and ya'll even had the audac...ity to ask for a tip. Here I was thinking I would treat myself, alas all i did was give my intestines the opportunity to digest themselves. Fine. Maybe you were having a bad day. I gave you a second chance. Made another order from a restaurant that's even closer, and I KNOW they are never filled to capacity. Oh, but even then you managed to supersede your prior transgressions. Not ONLY did i have to wait for an hour, but after the only person with a car in our office at the time got lunch for everyone else; I discovered you hadn't even made the order. So now, i have acid reflux pangs that are echoing in response to the hunger pangs, and I cannot even take a painkiller because I can't take them on an empty stomach! Lest I want to die! So thank you very much munch! You get a big thumbs down from me. Mehr anzeigen