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Did #SheHeals Change Me?
Did #SheHeals Change Me?

Going through the #SheHeals challenge did change me. It changed my outlook on life. I had to dig deep to exhume the skeletons that were buried deep within. By answering the questions, I was provoked to discuss issues that I wouldn’t have otherwise. These questions...

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Vulnerability and then Some
Vulnerability and then Some

As we approach the end of the #SheHeals challenge, I have come to see myself in a different light and with that in mind, I can finally write myself a letter of some hard truths about my vulnerability. I’ve been through a lot and from reading other people’s #SheHeals...

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I’m Thembi

I am passionate about the arts, women’s issues and the environment. I am the co-founder of Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe, a personal blogger by passion and a publicist by profession.

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