It’s a little late but what the heck.

Let’s get right into it.

Every year I set blogging goals and usually I keep them a secret because I don’t want to be held accountable to my readers but hey, new year, new things. So, the 2017 blogging theme is “The Bad Girl Edition.”

Why that theme?

Well, towards the end of 2016 I realised that I hadn’t been completely honest to anybody about my story. If you read my blog post about my blogging struggles you’ll understand that I wasn’t being myself. Always censoring myself and minding my language whereas that’s not who I am. Not really anyway.

Who am I?

Well, I’m a young woman that’s gone through the thick of it and has a story to tell. Like a real story to tell. Fiction ain’t got nothing on me. But its rather unfortunate that nowadays we shame the women that come out and tell their story. We put them on trial and cross interrogate them about things they actually went through.

But what are we if we take away our stories?

I believe Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj had a genuine story to tell when they first started out. Their underground, way back when music had such depth and realness to it. But now, millions later, in the mainstream they have lost the fire with which they started out. Also because hey, we keep stiffling women to not speak out loud about their issues.

So what exactly is #TheBadGirlEdition

This isn’t another rebel-without-cause rant. Absolutely not! The bad girl edition is me owning the person I was, what I have been through and the things that I did to earn me the title of The Complication. I just want to part with it quite honestly and be done with it. Whatever you get out of it is up to you. I can’t be polite and sugar coating issues like they didn’t happen when they did. It’s time I got real.

Why the need to be real?

I did a stock take, well a thorough analysis of my blog and I realised that real posts are the ones that did very well amongst my readers. Clearly my readers are here for that and I need to cater to their needs. If not, then why bother? Real life is happening all around us and as I was pussy-footing around issues my audience was thirsty for more substance.

Yes true the formula to the fountain of youth is not hidden in my blog and neither is the cure for AIDS but that’s not what my blog is about. It’s not a research paper or a thesis. It’s an exciting recollection of life as a young woman. I disguised and encrypted my issues to avoid offending people and that watered down the crux of the matter. I talked circles around myself until I couldn’t recognise my own voice anymore.

Something had to change.

This is me…changing. Owning my throne. Rocking it. I have never been perfect, in fact, I shouldn’t be alive. Have you ever seen reckless behaviour living at 120km per hour? That’s been me since I hit 16. Name it, I did it! And Imma tell you all about it!

Stay tuned. Subscribe. And live vicariously!