1The creative industry is tired with the same old people showing up and claiming to be veterans of the industry. Where is the new blood?

I’ve noticed that everytime there is a ‘do’ there’s usually the same people attending you can almost predict what the guest list will look like.

Its the same people over and over being chosen for endorsements and brand ambassador roles. And I wonder how these people get chosen. I’m tempted to blame laziness and failure to do research. But then again has Zim really grasped the concept of endorsements and brand ambassadors?

What is it about the industry that isn’t conducive to allow for new players in the game?

The current players in the game aren’t mentoring and ushering a new generation of artists. Everybody is looking out for themselves. When you make it you must go and make room for others. I’m also to blame won’t deny it. Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi made most of the youngest movers and shakers including me. And I personally have done nothing to perpetuate that.

Another obstacle for new blood is the simple fact that the Zimbabwe entertainment industry works on a referral basis. Unless you know somebody that’s already in the fold, trying to infiltrate it will be difficult. Its who you know that matters. When you look up the various lists that are being published, you’ll notice that they are usually geographically specific. It can be a list of a national nature but the people are from one province.

So what does this mean?

This means you must have contacts everywhere! Have a guy in the newspapers, radio,blogs and any other platform that offers exposure. Only then can you get media coverage. Be on a first name basis with your contact so that you can even send him articles you’ve written yourself for publishing. Yes, they’ll print anything these days.