I’ve never been business minded or manual labor wired. I am an ideas person. I’m very good at knowing what needs to be done, by when and who is best suited to carry out the task. Because I have conception strength, I needed people that are strong where I am weak or illiterate. People that know how to capture the idea and run with it. And so here’s my dilemma, will those people be my friends that have been loyal with all else in my life or do I just fukula (ravage through to find) complete strangers qualified in their respective areas of expertise?

I’m very difficult to understand. My work ethic is unorthodox. And my ideas are usually outrageous and phresh. I need people around me that understand that and sometimes strangers just don’t get it that I was born this way.

A lot of trust is required when you are birthing an idea cause it can get stolen. I have lots of friends that got plagiarized, had their ideas stolen, things they started being continued without them and this happened to me once. Somebody saw my idea and went on to start something just like it. I was crushed. I discarded that idea. Currently I feel stewpid because he/she then failed. Why? Because you can steal an idea but you cannot steal execution. But if you divulge your intricate details to strangers they possibly could do well in executing it. My friends know, blow by blow, as the ideas come what my projects will develop into. I like that we can put our diverse talents together to develop one another. In simpler terms, we all like shoes, but we have different tastes and sizes so there’s no chance of stealing each other’s shoes. Ah it makes perfect sense to me.

When you’re just starting out chances are you are cash strapped and everything is sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Parents (sugar ones not included) and before you start rolling in the dough you need people that are willing to invest their time in your idea for no monetary benefit and usually strangers aren’t keen on that set-up. But your friends want the best for you and wanna see you succeed so they’ll support you as far as they can win or lose. And should you lose they’ll be right there helping you pick up the pieces of a broken dream.

I am blessed to have educated friends that are on top of their game in various grinds. People that have not only invested in me but have also bet their last dollar that all this pays out…ultimately. I wanna assure you that it does pay out and then some.