If Chinamwari was a song this would be it. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion said some things that vaTete are saving for our wedding days. I understand and advocate for sexual liberation of women but there’s other issues brought up by WAP.

Personally, the song wasn’t great. I don’t think it’s her best work. She is pushing this envelope too far. But my thoughts don’t put money in her bank account so congrats to her. 

Finally the main house understands why he is cheating

Women are doing the things outchea. While you’re thinking procreation doesn’t need the bells and whistles, women are living their best lives with your husband. Letting him do the things described in WAP. Heh my marriage is dead when you’re the one who likes to play dead during the ceremony. Cardi B just brought you a spice rack. Spice it up. Please stretch deeply. Does anyone remember that Pabasa-Please-Pabasa girl who was trying to teach you that you should spell your name with your hips when… uhm… yeah? 

Sexualisation of women

I read an article which stated that women can’t enjoy sex because it’s always been portrayed as a thing for men’s pleasure. Sex is seen as something done to women and not with women. Some women even get punished or stigmatized for knowing too much in the sack. The whole foundation of Female Genital Mutilation is women shouldn’t find sex pleasurable. I applaud this song for helping women take their power back. And at least women aren’t being exploited by men in their videos for once. Being able to take charge as a woman will also help in negotiating when it comes to condom usage as well.

Again there’s no formula to getting married

I can’t cook, I can’t clean. Let me tell you how I got this ring!” Girls you think are sluts get married. Girls who talk out loud about sex get married. Even homebodies get married. Pick me’s get married. Everybody can get married so let’s let the matter rest already. 

I’m not saying Cardi B is illuminati

That video made me dizzy, literally. My head was spinning. I felt strange while watching it. I just assumed that it was sensory overload. The eye couldn’t rest. Too much was happening too fast with too many patterns. Suspish!

Young girls shouldn’t be seeing that

No, parents should be teaching their kids comprehensive sex education. Not many of us had the talk about the birds and the bees and had to learn from the streets. The streets raised us and now we belong to the streets. It is what it is. If a child is curious about sex and they Google it, guess what the internet will show them under the Videos section? Well dang! Didn’t think about that did ya? We’re so hard on girls, maybe as one former first lady said, it’s because they are the ones who get pregnant. But I wanna ask the men how old they were when they first watched Tip Drill? (A silent court now they all apologetic.)

So old wives tales were found shaking

In my work with SRHR issues we have found that most women use unhealthy means to dry out their special place. From lemons to herbs and other things that don’t belong in plush places. When I went for a VIAC cancer screening they asked me if I dabble in dangerous practices of drying out a place that should be moist and I said no. I asked her why that section is on the form and she said cause its rife and it aggravates illnesses in that place. Shook. Let’s hope the ignorant men who complain and make women break their back drying it out will now understand that that’s how it’s meant to be. A dry vessel is likely to tear when pounded on which increases the risk to diseases. (I’m running out of clean ways to bring my point home.)

Most men were too mesmerized by the video to understand what was being said. If you have never seen or experienced why the doors were gushing water in the video, you need to re-examine your role as a lover. I wouldn’t know cause I am waiting for marriage. So those within the confines of marriage can experiment with it. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion have brought you the rap Karma Sutra.

So, get a notebook, watch the lyrical version of WAP and learn a thing or two and go live your best life.