By now we’ve all seen the video that went viral of Chisi lower 6th girls singing a song. Even as a non-Shona speaker I could tell that that wasn’t going to end well especially on video. Anyway, its happened now we discuss.

Ever had a toddler pickup a sexual word and just run with it all day long? I remember this one kid who’d just learnt to say condom and he would say it every two seconds. He was like me with cuss words. For some reason, the kid knew that the word was ‘dirty’ and would blush every time he repeated it. Imagine if we spoke about sex out loud and took away that high we get from forbidden fruit? Would it be as fun? Let’s ask married men that officially wedded their side chicks, it’s just not the same.

So society has this thing whereby we shouldn’t discuss sex in public and yet people are busy partaking in sexual immorality that wasn’t even covered in the bible. Yeah we’re just creative like that. Some enraged parents are even sleeping with girls that age. Why do we pretend that this isn’t happening?

We refused sex education to be introduced in schools. Underpinning assumption was that if the children don’t know about it, then maybe they won’t indulge in intercourse. Illiterate parents assumed sex ed meant the teachers would whip out the Karma Sutra and teach kids exactly how to have sex. Point of correction, kids today could teach you a thing or two that wasn’t covered in the good book.

Guess who is teaching our kids about sex? You guessed right, the media is educating the kids about sex. I was standing by the bus stop earlier this month and these two high school girls were discussing how Chris Brown was being accused of rape by a woman who claims that she was forced to perform oral sex on Brown’s friend. At that age, I didn’t know what oral sex was. Right hand to Jesus! But then again, the media was more controlled then.

We as parents, aren’t talking to our kids about sex at home. Heck, as parents we aren’t talking to our spouses about sex.

In conclusion, its our fault as parents that the kids did what they did. An adult sat down and wrote that song. Kids picked up the song and ran with it. If you are disappointed about what they sang, wait til you hear what they are doing with their bodies off the record. Ignoring that we are living in a sexually charged era won’t make it go away. Pregnancies will keep popping up all the same and women will keep dying from unsafe abortions and the HIV infections rate will still soar. You can ignore the situation but not the consequences.

Who refused sex ed in schools?

Who didn’t talk to their child about sex?

Who created access to the internet without supervision?

Who bought the phone that recorded that video?

Who assumed that the world is good and lovely?

Ultimately, people are lowkey upset because this is un-lady like behavior from private school kids. The extra zeros in the school fees are so that the kids are more polished and refined. These kids live in a bubble and the oxygen in that bubble is tres expensive. These girls will be punished and to me they did nothing wrong. But they will be punished for bringing shame and dishonor to the parents and school. What a sad world.

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