ChroniclesDo you know why Choice Assorted biscuits are the best?

Well because they offer so many variations, options, etc. And that’s great cause it caters for the whole family but… its not a very smart family planning strategy.

Many families are broken nowadays. Every other family is looking like the Brangelina bunch and not because they adopted but because somebody cheated or you married a divorcee. Whatever the reason, having kids with different parents under one roof is not an ideal situation.

There was once a time when being a mother meant something. Where a transition happened when you had a child. Severe changes were required and sacrifices were made for the good of children.

Now children are accessories. The cherry on the family tree. I don’t mind people having big families but have kids for the right reasons. A child will not fix a failing marriage. Neither will it keep the man from leaving you. Women are having too many children with children and you’re hoping he’ll change but he doesn’t. And he leaves you and the baby to be with someone else.

And then you find a man that’s willing to take you and the child in and you have more kids for him. But have you spared a thought for the kids themselves? How your family planning skills affect them? Too many of you are too selfish you don’t realise that you brought real living creatures into the world. And you gonna try defend it and say some families are happy like that but truth is there’s always cracks.

Imagine you have kids by two different men. The one father provides for his child, the other doesn’t. One takes the child during the holidays and the other remains. If the man of the house dies, his biological kids will say to the adopted kids, “Why are you crying at least you still have another father.” Sad but true but they don’t realise that the adopted kid has to mourn two fathers.

There's always Choices.

There’s always Choices.

Ultimately, women have more power over their wombs than they are letting on. With so many contraception options we can’t keep claiming, ‘accidents.’ I don’t support abortion at all cause God is the only one who can give life and he never makes a mistake. Its cliche but true, ”prevention is better than cure.”