Moving from Bulawayo to Harare was a strategic career move. Harare is where the money’s at. Actually Harare is where everything and everyone is at. Except my family members. I don’t have family in Harare. So every time I move up there I go through a tough time trying to find accommodation in Harare.

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What are you looking for in accommodation in Harare?

I live alone and I don’t own any furniture. So I don’t need anything too big. I don’t want to have logistical problems when I decide to move back to Bulawayo. My deal breaker is the state of the bathroom. Bath time is an integral part of my day. That’s where my strategic planning is done. That can’t happen if my OCD is spazzing out over the dirty bathroom.

Where are you looking for accommodation in Harare?

Harare is huge! I don’t mind commuting twice to and from work. I’m not that unreasonable. But I do not want to spend two hours of my day in kombis. Trekking across Harare because that means early mornings and getting home late. So anywhere close to town would be ideal.

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How have you been looking for accommodation in Harare?

I am now in a total of 9 Harare Accommodation WhatsApp groups and 15 Harare Rentals Facebook groups. I have tried the ZimClassifieds, Deepleague subscriptions and still nothing.

Have you tried Agents to help you find accommodation in Harare?

Okay, so agents are individuals or firms that have vacant houses listings. They don’t charge the land lord for listing his lodgings but they charge +/- $30 to seekers of accommodation. You will pay that $30 when you see your ideal place listed. They will give you the address for you to go and view it or the number of the landlord. Problem is, sometimes those adverts are old or a hoax. To get more people interested and paying the $30. Once you have paid they will say things like, “Oh its been taken. Would you like to see any other options?” Or they will take you to a rotting house that’s inhabitable. So agents no thank you. Rather I pay after I see the house and I am happy with it.

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