Who else has been following the fairytale that is Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ romantic love affair?

If you need the backstory, you can look up either one of their Instagram accounts.

I was shocked when I heard they were together. I would have never put them together not even in a seating arrangement but moyo muti unomera paunoda (love is a tree it grows where it wants.)

There are a couple of issues that this love affair has brought about and conquered in true Bollywood love story style.

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1. Cultural Differences

Priyanka broke all the rules and followed her heart. Jonas was so smitten by his lady that he embraced her culture and did things by the Indian book. They struck the perfect balance between both cultures. He wore traditional attire for the engagement and they had a traditional celebration before having a white wedding. The key thing here is having parents that are supportive and not stuck in their ways. The two families blended beautifully and it’s been amazing to watch this love story unfold.

2. Age Difference

Priyanka is a whole decade older than her Jonas husband. The system won’t accept an older woman in the relationship but it’s perfectly fine for senile men to pursue adolescent girls. Burn this planet down already. Relationships whereby the woman is older are usually frowned upon due to power play issues at work which is code for male egos.

3. 36 and Unmarried

I’m 29 and I’m getting uneasy about my marital status. If Priyanka lived my life she’d be suffering. All those family gatherings and tweets by dad about why I’m not a mom yet. Yeah at this point being a wife isn’t important they just want to see that my womb works. People volunteering their opinion about how you are behind time and too close to the expiration date. What I applaud is someone that didn’t compromise and stuck to her guns to wait for Mr. Right. No point in getting married quickly and getting divorced just as quick. Plus she has money so the depreciation of her womb isn’t a factor.

4. They got married too quick

So after less than a year of ‘officially’ dating they got engaged and got married. Boys in Zimbabwe could never. Apparently you can only marry her after years and years of dating. Boys that think like this confuse me. I’m a firm believer in “when you know you know.” Setting your own timeline in the progression of your life. Did Maud Chifamba not complete her Masters at 20? You hold the infinity stone of time.


Also to be fair, the Zimbabwe economic crisis has stunted the economic growth of the Zimbabwean youth. I applaud all the young men and women that held out and didn’t have kids they couldn’t afford.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from Mr & Mrs Jonas and may their love never die. They have inspired so many by defying the odds and I really hope it works out for them.

For the girls that are sick of the wait please watch the poem below: