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It must have been the first week when one of my favourite programme assistants let it slip during orientation that Cardi B was coming to Lincoln, Nebraska.

I knew for sure that I wasn’t at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by accident. It had been fated by the powers that be. They had seen it fit for me to see my favourite musician (currently) live on stage.

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I was mad excited but there was a problem. Cardi B was scheduled to perform at the Pinnacle Bank Arena on the 26th July which was the same evening we were to hold our #YALI2019 Farewell dinner at the very same time.

I had to choose.

I wonder how the dinner went. I’m just kidding. They told us numerous times that all the scheduled activities were compulsory. I see why it’s included in the terms and conditions.

As I sat through the farewell dinner, I could see the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Our dinner was being held at the Nebraska Club which is on the 20th floor so I had a clear view. I now know without a doubt that astral projection is real, my body was at the dinner but my heart was at the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

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One thing I love about America is that they stick to time. So the dinner ended round about the time it was supposed to, 20:30 to 21:00 hours thereabout. Problem is Cardi B was scheduled to start at 19:00 hours. For once I prayed that American time would fail me.

I changed from my dinner outfit into my Cardi B outfit and dashed as fast as anyone can on an elevator twenty floors down. The Lyft was lost. Janet was trying to locate it. I was so impatient I could have blown my top and landed at Cardi B just like in the cartoons. The Lyft arrived and whoosh to the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Again whoosh is within speed limits.

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I got to the door and expected to see queues and queues of a stampede mess. There was none. It was easy! I didn’t even spend 5 minutes at the door.

I had floor seats so I went in that direction. The Pinnacle Bank Arena is massive! It seats 15 000!

I was late so I couldn’t get to my seat. Security kept throwing me around like a yo-yo. “Sit here in the meantime,” security said. I still wasn’t in my seat when the music started and the screaming from the crowd made my ears ring. Cardi B was on stage. I hadn’t been bought a section 51, second row ticket for nothing. Zupco vigorony had prepared me for this moment in time. I pushed and shoved all the way into my section and row. I found my seat. Wasn’t about to waste a $300+ ticket watching Cardi B from the side and risk getting a creak in my neck.

Section 51 in the second row. I was front and centre!

The concert was amazing! Cardi B was high energy from start to finish! It was a one-woman concert, which was excellent. Twas definitely worth all the drama leading up to it. I would go and see her again in concert.

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