My creativity is the one thing that I compare myself with others over. I never want to be mediocre or below standard when it comes to my creativity. Being creative is how I make my money. I need to stay ahead of the curve. See what others are doing and kick my game up a notch. Looking around outside your lane is okay. The problem arises in relation to how you use the information that you found during research. Did seeing other people’s work make you feel smaller or inadequate? Or did it inspire you to do better and be better?

During my teens, I was compared to my sisters a lot. I was darker and bigger whereas they were thin, tall and yellow. You know how cruel school kids can get. Messed around with my self confidence a lot during those trying years. It got so severe at some point, that I was reluctant to take pictures with them without some kind of filter. Has it eased up? Sort of, but not all the way through. I thought I had it handled until some girl texted me that I was dark and ugly and all these things came flooding back and now my Instagram is for liking pictures and watching stories. I do not feel like taking pictures or posting.

I have an amazing little sister. Zulugirl 2 just makes the things that make the academics to be done. She graduated cum laude and checked all the right boxes her whole life. The girl can do no wrong. I’d be lying if I said my parents compared us because they did not. If anything, I compared myself incessantly. And the public always had something to say.

Trying to stir up some sibling rivalry but we weren’t having none of it. I am very proud of my sister. I am automatically awesome by relation. Lord knows my parents need a less problematic child.