All this would have been a waste of five months if we have not learnt anything new. Every experience should be educational otherwise what’s the point. This journey was a deeply insightful one and it was not easy at all. What should have taken one month took me five. It was all worth it. It really helped that I was doing other therapeutic exercises to compliment this one. Here are five of some of the things that I learnt during this writing journey.

You need to be honest

This goes without saying. Imagine suffering from a venereal disease and you lie to the doctor that you have a flu instead. Can he help you? No. He will probably figure out the real ailment but save him the trouble of going through a witch hunt and tell him your real symptoms. No one can help you if you lie about the severity of your troubles. You need to be honest to them and you need to be honest to yourself. Ask yourself the hard questions, why am I the way that I am? That question is the beginning of your healing process.

You must face your demons

Once you have opened Pandora’s box, you need to deal with whatever comes out. Not just some of them but all of them. And no, you can’t put them back in the box. That offer is not on the table. The demons were birthed somewhere and you need to find out where. Only then can you rip them out from where they are rooted. Don’t just address the symptoms go to the core of the issue. This is so that it doesn’t come back to haunt you again.

You need to listen to your innermost thoughts

What does your mind like to think about? Are these healthy or toxic thoughts? What do you think of yourself and others around you? Only when you start doing stock take can you come to understand what your issues are. Only then can you start to fix them. You can’t fight an enemy that you do not understand.

Nobody is coming to save you

This doesn’t need further clarification. Save yourself nobody’s coming to help you. Humans and God are alike because they will not help someone who doesn’t wanna help themselves. You gotta want it before you can get it. Some people don’t wanna be free. So show us that you want it and we’ll help you from there.

You are the one that’s holding you back

Yep! Shocking isn’t it? It’s not the people who hurt you. It’s not the opportunities you didn’t have growing up and it’s certainly not a dark cloud hanging about your head just waiting to reign terror and bad luck into your life. Take control of your life. Where are you now? Where are you trying to go? And how will you get there?

Anyway, thanks for coming along with me on this journey. Its been fun and I hope you learnt something about me or yourself that is useful.