Do you ever look back at some of the years of your life and some chunks seem to be a blur? You can’t seem to remember what you were doing with your life during those missing pieces. No, your memory was not wiped by the Men in Black. If you start to live in the now and be more present, you will enjoy each moment presented to you and not feel the need to fast forward through anything. 

You do it weekly subconsciously without realising it when it’s a Monday and you say to yourself, “If I can just get to Friday.” Or monthly when you say to yourself, “If I could just get to pay day.” It feels like you’re just trying to get by until a certain time. “When the lockdown is over.” In the meantime you are missing the joys and memories of being in the present. You’re like our mothers who have all those pretty plates stored up for special occasions, when we can make our own family traditions and special occasions to just celebrate each other as a family.

I’m not an Adam Sadler fan but his movie ‘Click‘ is the perfect representation of what I am talking about. In the movie, a man gets a remote which can fast forward time and starts to basically fast forward all the mundane tasks. In the end, he has fast forwarded past his whole life and starts to regret all of the things he missed out on and there’s no rewind button. And that’s how most of us are living our lives.

Another lesson in the movie is about how we can slip into living life on autopilot. 

We can also put off our happiness based on milestones which have not happened. For example, when you say, “When I live in my own house, I will start buying furniture.” Or, “When I get a new job, that’s when I will start saving up.” If you’re a creative, you’ll say, “When I get a new phone or a better camera, I will start creating content.” The trouble with this is, you are wasting the present. You’re spilling the now down the drain. What should be happening now in the meantime while you wait for your big break? What if the thing you’re hoping for doesn’t happen? If you don’t get that new phone, you’ll never create content? Tying your goals and dreams to a milestone is a gamble, you don’t know if or when that milestone will materialise and there are chances that it won’t. And the milestone then tanks with your dream because you made them the same thing when they weren’t.

I’m one of those people who feels immense pressure and frustration because there is a huge gap between where I want to be and where I currently am. The temptation is high to resent where I’m at now and to completely disregard it but the truth is, the now is what will determine if I get where I want to be. I can’t make those moves if I am wallowing in self pity and not being present to do what needs to be done. Instead of being upset that I don’t have a car or the 5 cars I’m dreaming about, I have to be grounded in the present to ask myself, “What am I doing right now to position myself for those 5 cars in my future?” I don’t even have a driver’s license yet.

Instead of being jealous of your future self, which may or may not materialise because of the way you’re acting. What you can do to strike a balance between the future and now is to create a vision board. A vision board will help you to make the demarcation between the now and the future so that you don’t have internal turmoil. They will both have their places in your life in a more peaceful way. Another thing you can do is to keep a Manifestation Journal which is a journal of your future aspirations and dreams. When you are done pouring your heart out about the future, you will then do a Gratitude exercise to be thankful for what you currently have. This will keep you calm, present and joyful. The future and the present both have their place, if that doesn’t happen, you will be sad and frustrated.

What have you done today to secure your future aspirations?