You should never have to live a life where you don’t get to do what you love unless you’re a sexual predator or serial killer. Every other normal person deserves to do things, whether work or play, that make them happy and bring them joy.

Luke  12:34  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Can things you’re passionate about make you money?

I believe so. When you do things that you are passionate about, you’ll never get bored of doing them. You’ll be constantly fantasizing about when next you get to do it again. Like when boys hit puberty and spend hours behind closed doors.

I’m doing what I’m passionate about but it’s not paying

Finding what you’re passionate about is only step 1 of the process. We can’t just leave it there. You need to merge what you are passionate about to other people’s problems. Providing a service which you’re passionate about, that also solves problems for people is what gets you the money. People pay you to solve a problem. This might mean tweaking your services or solution or just changing the way you market them but the core skill would still be your passion.

Also, how seriously are you treating your passion? How many hours a day do you set aside towards perfecting it and making it better. How long do you practice? How much research do you do? How many resources do you allocate towards investing in it? How much time and money do you put in? Having a passion or a talent isn’t enough. Nothing is new under the sun, you have to define your Unique Selling Point and differentiate yourself from others in your line of work.

But honestly, in this economy?

Have we learned nothing from Kevin The Wedding Planner and his US$700 flowers? There’s a target market for everything. Stop limiting your customers based on your personal financial constraints. Find your passion, perfect it, market it and kill it every single time. You will find people willing to pay your price because they appreciate the value that you bring. I read somewhere how we all have our part to play in the great circle of life. Everyone needs to be in their purpose doing things that they are passionate about. Someone out there is waiting for you to start pursuing your passion. For me, personally, there are artists waiting for me to get up off my ass and I will. Eventually.

Habakkuk  2:2  And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Before passion, let there be prayer

You were given that talent for a reason. The Higher power you believe in will bless your ways but you need to make them aware of your desires before. Those who believe in ancestors know that they have to ‘bika.’ Those who believe in God know that, “Make your plans known to the Lord and he will prosper them.” Chakra huns have manifestation journals. Whoever you subscribe to, let them know what you envision and let them guide you to your prosperity.

Proverbs  16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

One of the questions that they ask you when you’re trying to discover your passion is, “What would you do for free, every single day if you weren’t worried about a paycheck?” We are so concerned about the money because yeah the economy and the pandemic haven’t made it ideal. This is how we have become so unhappy, unfulfilled and constantly complaining. We’re no longer doing the things we love. We just want to get paid and get by. That’s not how we were designed to be.

It’s interesting to note that the people killing it in the Zimbabwean creative industries are people who were passionate about something and just went for it. They put in the work and had fun actually doing it. Their fans saw that and decided to support them and that’s how they blew up. Now they get paid for things that they used to do for free in their spare time. Nasty C once sang, “I’m building a legacy outta hobby.”

If you can force yourself to put in 40 hours a week to a job you hate, surely you can find time to do the things that set your soul on fire. It is actually recommended that you do those things even for just play. I’ll put an Anna Akana video about it below. Be sure to watch it.