People do stupid things when they are high off of dopamine and I am of no exception.

They wanted me to write a jingle for a client and because I had never written one I had to go over to the other company so that the Dr Dre of jingles could help me.

He’s always under a lot of stress so he smokes likes a chimney. He asked me if I wanted to go outside and I wanted to say no. Here’s why, it was freezing! But on the other hand, I have acute asthma and passive smoking could cause complications.

So I said YES!

We went outside and he started to burn through his box of cigarettes and was in his creative zone. Do you know where I was? Somewhere between pneumonia and hypothermia.

So there I was freezing my butt off and he was none the wiser! I was being a real G.

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This is the tough place most women often find themselves in. My example is weak but truth is women are unable to articulate their viewpoints and feelings. We just suck it up and avoid confrontation at all cost. We try to make other people more comfortable at our expense.

We are afraid.

We are afraid to negotiate in the bedroom. Stats show that most women are still shy to discuss sexual issues. Men dictate the contraceptive measures (if any) and the family planning in its entirety.

Women are scared to articulate their feelings. Thing is, when you try to tell people how you feel, they may say things like “You’re crazy” or “You’re too sensitive” or “You’re being dramatic.” These are real thoughts and feelings being dismissed without a second thought. So women bottle it up and start breeding resentment. One day, its gonna blow.

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Women are afraid to negotiate in the boardroom. I was so scared to approach my boss for a raise. I thought they were overpaying me already in comparison to other people in my line of work. I wasn’t being greedy the truth was I genuinely needed more. I hyped myself up and asked for more. I got more. There was no need for a speech of the defence. I was in total shock. What does the bible say again?

“You have not because you ask not”

Read an article once about how boys and girls learn differently. Did you know that girls can be smarter but will be afraid to participate or raise their hands in the classroom? It blew my mind. This means girls carry this self-censorship from a young age. Read the full article here:

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How are we subconsciously training women to gag themselves? We need to know if we’re gonna fix it.

What are some of the things you’ve been afraid to say?