IMG-20151114-WA0004The Top 100 Influential people in Bulawayo was released last week. I wasn’t even checking for it when the congratulatory messages started flooding in. Screenshots verified the claims that I was indeed on the said list. At first I was shocked so I would politely respond, ‘Thank you.’ Truth is my first reaction was, “There are too many names that should be on here, not that I’m willing to relinquish my spot, but the list is rudiment.” My standard comment on these lists is always, “The list is flawed.”

As expected people were outraged (mostly people that aren’t on the list.) I stayed saying hatiite zvemalist until I was on one. Now every attack on the list feels personal. The main idea behind the list was to create one as the ‘minority’ cause we aren’t considered in the national lists. It’s a consolation prize in a way. So the angry mob armed with pitch forks came out gung ho with names that should have been on the list and what made me LOL was how most of those names were no longer in Bulawayo. See the irony?

Ohambileyo uhambe lomlom’ wakhe. I don’t see them from wherever in the world championing their rights to be on the list. That’s how irrelevant the list was. Give others a chance mhani. It’s a catch 22, it hurts not being recognized for your endeavors and it hurts others when you do. Get well soon. We can’t be catching high-high over a list. It’s not like the people on the list are going to go to heaven or receive a cash prize. It really is not that serious!

NB- I am not familiar in any way with the people that constructed the list. Neither am I on the list through nepotism or sexpotism. I have worked hard on all the stuff that I do and I will not apologise for that. Of course there is room for major growth and improvement but I’m closer to the dream than when I started out. Getting on the list wasn’t a life goal, the Forbes list yes, but it’s a good start.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. If you want to Rambo with it open your own blog and do it there. As long as I’m footing the bill for MY site Imma be Steve Biko about it and write what I like. Same with Urban Culxure, you are a magazine not The Times keep writing stories that spark debate and incite meaningful conversation about why come some of these folks aren’t making it to the national list. Isn’t that the real issue here? Stay focused don’t get distracted by feelings.

Click here to see the full list

We all operate from our circle of influence. Truth is most media in Zimbabwe doesn’t have the resources to research thoroughly. Imbuzi idla lapho ebotshelwe khona. Most people are mad because they need that validation from lists. They need us to acknowledge their existence. They can’t function without people clapping and cheering them on. You can’t operate like that. Your intentions are flawed. The lists will always applaud those that are widely covered by the media. So all the men and women working hard in their communities but aren’t visible on social media will never make it to the lists.

We want to exalt those that have gone to other countries like it’s an achievement. Most of my passport has stamps from all over but I was on vacation not working. Going out of the country for whatever reason is not an accomplishment especially if you never come back and give to the community. All you ever did was make us curse ourselves by singing your tracks ukuthi asilamali. Yes, you made an impact once but we haven’t heard from you in years, see you soon on the list. “The Has-beens of Bulawayo.”

Shoutout to all my peers that made it onto the list. Keep at it like a crack addict.