Always used to watch the media both print and TV go in on celebs and their weight issues. Every week People Magazine would have a spread dedicated to who weighs what. Britney Spears, Oprah and Beyonce were never absent. So the weight watchers would follow them as they flactuate and this would be a cover story. I didn’t care for it til I gained weight.

Girls stop growing at 16 but I think that’s in terms of height so your width can do as it pleases. I weighed 55kgs since I was in high school and then this year I blew up and it became an issue of public interest. People thrive on the imperfections of other people. Misery loves company. They like to watch highly esteemed people struggle and that makes them feel better about themselves. But clear out vultures, nothing to see here, I’m happy about my new size.

Manners have gone to the dogs. I didn’t choose to be fuller figured (not that its a bad thing) but you can’t be making a big deal of it like I’m getting stuffed with food from your house. I’m having people stepping up to my mom asking her if I’m pregnant and what not. How is that your business?

Went to the shops in my neighborhood and the usual ruffians start yelling and accusing me of having injected my bum to make it swell. People think so highly of me, like I could actually afford that kinda procedure. I’d like to thank Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians for ruining it for all of us. They are paying a lot of money for assets I was born with. #MadeInNomaNkala

Stripes are diabolic

Stripes are diabolic

Nothing special has happened. I eat a lot, sleep and exercise very little. I’m bound to get heavier. I love carbohydrates and junk food. The difference now is I can afford to buy myself this stuff by the truckload. Not all of us are experiencing hardships. My genes are also a contributing factor, all the people from my biological father’s side are hefty. Mum always said I’m gonna get bigger when I have my first baby. I don’t know how our mums and grannies come up with this stuff but I am just in a good space and coming into my own.

Speculations that I’m getting bigger because of ARVs are by far the worst. And I thought we were past that stage as a people of trying to determine HIV status by the rudimentary method of naked eye. People will never be happy. If you’re too thin you’re sick and if you are fat you’re sick but taking pills. The madness needs to stop.