brokenessShopping is always meant to be therapeutic for women and hazardous for the health of men and their wallets. When I am in a rotten mood, I need me some new things. There’s something about looking at price tags that boosts my confidence. So imagine im in a funny mood and I walk into a boutique and the shop girl makes me feel so unwelcome in a shop that ain’t even hers. Granted, when I’m in a bad mood I always make sure that my clothes are also in a bad mood but the look that she gave me just didn’t do (haite haite haite!) So you’d think I did the ‘Pretty woman’ thing and bought up the whole shop but gaya lets be reasonable, this is Zimbabwe. No, in fact I turned around and just walked out to where I felt welcome with the clothes I had on – Farm and City Centre.

So the same time next month I went back to that boutique. I’m not a sucker for punishment, they just have really pretty things. And lo and behold she was still working there. Imagine my ecstasy. Anyway, this time I wasn’t in my ‘Mkoma-Joe- get-up I was dressed like a real person. She came, greeted me by the door, and helped me pick out stuff I liked. You’d think I’d let by-gones be by-gones but that’s out of character for me. I could see her thirsty self vele lolaring that it’s a definite sale. I let her pick out all the things that I wanted and ring them up and then I reached for my bag and walked out. I think she was just too shocked to even follow me. I’m a very proud creature and in rare instances like this, I’m willing to eat humble pie for the sake of retribution.

Moral of the story is, I may not dress like a Barbie but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve nice things also. She had no right to make me feel all kinds of unwanted she can save that for her children. I’m not saying I’m better than her, I’m just saying she should stay in her lane. When I walk into a shop I want the shop attendant to look at me and get excited like I’m her next meal. When she sees me she should smile from ear to ear and just imagine she is looking at receipts from paid bills.