Have you ever been left on read and you convince yourself its a test to remain sane?

Thembi Terry is a right here, right now kind of person. So imagine when I went to this one job interview and they kept me waiting for close to 4 hours. I had come rushing only to be shelved at reception. I didn’t know people could be this unprofessional so I just sat there. In my mind I just assumed that it was a test. Clearly they wanted to see how badly I wanted this job. They wanted to gauge my patience levels because I’d need them in the role that I was applying for.

Finally, the time came for my interview to commence. By this time I was so hungry and tired. I sat there, rubbed my palms and smiled the whole time as I answered their questions. I was waiting for it, the applause. That moment when the Sensei says, “Well done grasshopper you have passed the test.”

It never came.

People will just waste your time just for the hell of it. But here’s how I translate this experience to my relationships:

Don’t make excuses for people.
What you see is really what you get.
Don’t want it too badly, there’ll use it against you.
There is no deeper hidden meaning to everything.
Time is money, know your worth and invest in things that are worthwhile.

There are so many red flags that I needed to have taken note of that day.

They didn’t care. Do you think if that had been someone of the right surname they would have been parked that long?

By staying I set the tone of our relationship and made it okay for them to trample over me to their hearts’ content.

The power balance shifted and it was not in my favour. They knew I wanted it and I wanted it bad. So whatever offer was gonna be accepted. I’d waited too long to give up now.

Why were they so busy in the 11th hour of their due date. Clearly this firm had no respect for anybody’s time including their own.