It’s your moment to shine. All eyes are on you. The thunderous claps from the cloud are deafening. Your heart is beating so fast. You walk down to receive your prize while holding back tears of joy. They stand up and continue to clap their hands raw for you. Everybody chanting your name. You clear your throat and hold back the lump that’s keeping you from crying. You look up at the crowd to address them. And everybody is there except…your loved ones.
We underestimate how important it is to be celebrated by your loved ones. Even as children, we would light up just seeing our relatives cheering for us during sports days, galas and prize giving day. That inner child still yearns for that love and support. That kind of validation is vital in the building of esteem and self confidence. Only at self-actualization will we realize that all was vanity but until then we must feed that insatiable need at all costs.
We judge attention seekers that are always in a state of crisis, the people that laugh out insanely loud so that you have to turn around and notice them. The nudes distributors, the theatrical, the dramatic but we forget or probably don’t realize that these people are fighting a void deep within themselves that you can’t see. Have you ever noticed that the children that have parental support are the ones that do exceptionally well? And those that grew up without are more often than not self-medicating with something or another. They usually tend to give up on life because they feel like nothing they ever do is good enough.
I get that times are tough. Things are bad all around and you probably can’t afford to take time off to go watch a sports day. Please reconsider. What does it benefit your child to have all the material things at the expense of their inner development. Ultimately its all futile.
My father was always there. For everything. Took it for granted then until the Lord took him. Now I feel the gap that my biggest cheerleader really took a dip. I’m older, wiser, stronger and I know what support felt like. He groomed me to look after me. To clap for me. To toot my own horn. He taught me that it didnt matter what people thought. I knew that I didn’t need any external validation. My heart breaks for all the people that never got to experience. I wouldn’t have pushed myself to get where I am without my father. I lived to see him proud of me! Did whatever it took to make sure I represented him well as his daughter. And he still guides my decision making processes because he took the time to invest in my personal development. I am forever grateful.
It might not make sense to you or you might sideline how big a deal it is for you to show up for your friend but believe me they will treasure it. Support is more than financial. If you have ever buried a loved one you’ll understand how those that showed up, even without money or food, helped you through your mourning just by being there. Just be there.