I love a good teenage drama from Gossip Girl (the original) to Blood and Water but I have a problem believing that some of those adults are teens and that ruins the whole show for me.


And so I ask, why cast them in the first place?

The answer is disturbing.

They hire adults to play teens so that the fully grown actors can portray teens doing adult stuff. Basically p_edophile baiting. So, if the show has s_xual/ad_lt content, it would be disturbing to see a teen doing that stuff (for normal people.) But, like Zoleka once blogged, we have a paedophilic culture and there are adults who get off on seeing kids doing “naughty things.” We call them child molesters and p_edophiles. They are keeping child s_x trafficking, the billion dollar industry that it is. They are also hindering us from being able to eradicate child marriages around the globe. They are the uncle at family gatherings who says, “oh my how you have grown, come sit on my lap.”

Why create this content in the first place?

We don’t want teens to be indulging in drugs and unsafe sexual practices. So why would we create such content in the first place? If it’s a teen drama, teens will want to see it. Do you think their impressionable minds will be able to discern that it’s make believe by adults? No, they’ll think that’s typical teen behaviour and Hypodermic Needle it into their real lives. Which leads to the degradation of society such as the Zimbabwean plague of Vuzu Parties.

But this is just storytelling about teen realities

Which makes me wonder, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Were the teens inspired by the shows or do the shows model teens’ lived experiences? Does life imitate art or is art a reflection of society? I guess we will never know. Isn’t there a classier way of telling stories around child marriages, teenage pregnancies and even sexual violence without making it explicit? There is but that’s boring and only sex sells. That’s the true test of creativity. Tell us the dangers of teachers abusing students, frat parties, reproductive health services and date rape drugs without making soft p*rn. Can you do that?

But let’s talk technicalities

Hiring adults to play teens means that they don’t have to think around school schedules and pesky child labour laws. Nobody wants to be sued for running a sweat shop. How have Disney and Nickelodeon created kids’ films using kids even younger than teens for so long? Clearly it can be done. The truth is you hire adults so that viewers can sexualise them with reckless disregard. If you’ve watched Euphoria you know what I mean. How old were Gabrielle Union and Christina Milian when they played teens in ‘Bring it On.’ Isn’t a cheerleader a popular sexual fantasy and a top seller role-playing outfit at lingerie stores? Were Blood and Water skirts that short in season 1?

What does this mean in the long run?

The longevity of women in the entertainment business and ageism is still rampant across the world. If actresses can no longer take up these teen roles what does that mean for them? This results in pressure to find a youth potion in order to keep booking jobs. If teens can’t play teens, how will the child stars make money? Is the money from paedophiles really worth risking it all? Sometimes I forget that we live in a world where s_x dolls modelled after kids completely sold out! What happens to paedophiles who get stimulated by s_xy ‘adult teens’ and don’t have access to a child s*x bl_w up doll? They grab a kid on her way to the bathroom in a public restaurant, that’s what.

If child p*rn*graphy is wrong, why is it OK to make films of that borderline nature?