Most of the people probably think I’m stuck up or whatever cause I join certain causes and leave them halfway. And quite recently, I been turning down offers to do joint initiatives. I used to be an initiative-monger but that girl doesn’t live here anymore and Imma explain why. Firstly, my brains were wired differently. My ideas are unorthodox but highly effective. So when I join into an initiative and offer my ideas its incompatible with small minds. It’s like trying to install an android app on a Nokia 3310. Cannot compute.

I’m not exactly hard to deal with but I am very particular. From a royal lineage, I was born to be an employer not employee. I have too many good ideas that small minded people won’t be able to implement. So obviously I have had people refuse to work with me and turn down my ideas only to steal them later and fail at it. You’d think I’d laugh but I don’t. I just watch. For a long time I did that crutch thing of wanting to work in a group because my fear of failing didn’t want to carry the responsibility of a project but I got my grown on and now all I do is put my name on the dotted line.

IMG_20141020_160829So I have social club for women, registered under my name and the birthing pains of this dream have been excruciating. Imagine the drama of of all types of women in one platform. Many have walked out and maybe more will walk out but I dont care. The slackers must prune themselves off until I have a dedicated team that wants to pursue the dream viciously. There’s also been people that offer their UNwanted business advice. Please dont tell me how to run my dream when all you know is carrying other people’s dreams. God gave Noah alone the instructions of how to build an ark. So if you have never seen an ark before don’t try and tell me how to build it. I dont hear no man but God.