7194172078_d59692b917_zFor those who follow me on Twitter, they will understand why this post was called for. I wont go into it for those that don’t know Imma just address the issue. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had problems sharing. I have four little sisters and I have trouble sharing my parents with them. Basically, I wasn’t built for none of that side-dish love (No offence to those that were.) You are a stronger woman than me.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have no filtering system at all. If I am dating a man you can bet your bottom dollar everybody is gonna know him. I’m a woman of public interest.I am way too amazing at my love game to be a side chic. I mean usually by the third month I have dudes tripping tryna change my last name. Lemme explain this real slow, I am not a rental type of girl, I’m a keeper. Sell all you got and invest in me type of girl. I have my father’s pride. You see, if I was a car, I wouldn’t be public tramsport, neither would I be a ‘better-than-walking’ March car, I’d be a get your grown on, be a man, save up all your hard earned money to purchase a Bentley. I am a dime from the engine to the chassis. And because we are in Zimbabwe, Im not available in stores so that mean you cant even get a test drive in. Of course I could self praise all day but that’s not why we’re here.

Here’s what I don’t get, why is it that when a wife finds her husband cheating she attacks the mistress? Are you married to her or your man? Who is bound to you by matrimonial vows, lobola, or a bastard child? I had to include all these because people have redefined marriage these days. This ‘wifey’ tag will do others for us (izasiyenzela okunye/inotiitira zvimwe). You cant attack a random streetwalker because you have no contractual agreement with her, deal with your husband he is the one in breach.


Charity begins at home, and so does discipline. Deal with the issues that are making your husband leak (ezimenza ukuthi avuzise.) While you’re chasing all his pound cakes you end up looking foolish like a clown face. When you cut out one mistress three will sprout up in her place. And you’re actually helping your husband with his ‘exit’ plan for his concubines. And to replace that one he’ll cast his net wide like a sexworker in fishnets.

Stop bringing your marital problems to the streets. Deal with them privately in the confines of your home. He’s consumating with everyone but you so you might as well use that free time to discuss your issues with him. Before you overreact outwardly, first introspect inwardly to find the problem. Deal with the issues causing him to cheat. Identify the root cause and uproot it instead of chasing pavements with suppressing the symptoms. Im typing legible gold, you can thank me on my Ecocash.