resizeSo the Katswe Sistahood held a miniskirt march last week that ended up trending on Twitter. Which is an achievement but a waste because they failed to use their Twitter to channel and facilitate all the dialogue that was taking place. It’s like they threw a party and didn’t attend. I digress. To me the whole point of the #miniskirtmarch completely escaped me. Everyone had their own interpretation of what the main thrust of the march was.

I understand that the kombi valets have a phobia of women’s thighs. This phobia causes arousal and the sexual frustration causes them to attack the beholder of the thighs. I have never experienced this personally but I’ve heard stories. When a lady in a skirt that’s the length of a belt passes by these primitive men, blood ceases to flow to the head and gets concentrated in the lower regions. This is where common sense usually dies. There’s usually whistling, jeering and yelling of all sorts of obscenities. In the more severe cases, the girl gets physically attacked and the piece of skirt is then viciously ripped off of her. The underlying assumption is always, “You wanted to be naked so you might as well be naked all the way.”

It goes without saying that I do not approve of this behaviour. The march was held under the theme, “Reclaiming the streets.” It was aimed at thwarting sexual harassment of women on the streets which I felt was overambitious because women aren’t safe in their homes what more in the street? Charity should begin at home.

kenya-protestThe #miniskirtmarch was a great place to start to get people to pay attention to the plight of women in the streets but we still have a long way to go. Effective behavioural change takes a while to achieve. These windis feel that they can get away with this harassment because they have never seen the long arm of the law flexing its muscles. The police must stop slapping these perpetrators on the wrist. These men should be arrested and thrown into our fine prisons where they belong. That will teach them.

The #miniskirtmarch was not a true depiction of what women go through. The woman will be alone and hyped up on mob psychology the windis then pounce. There’s always safety in numbers, so of course at the march the windis were on their chill. They should have sent a decoy in to really ruffle the feathers and then the police swoop in to do their jobs. Serve and Protect. The last thing anyone in Zimbabwe wants to do is get arrested and surely neither do the windis. Let the law be a deterrent that thwarts this plight of miniskirts.