I have been avidly watching a series called “Reign.” So its basically about a young Queen of Scots about to marry her betrothed – the prince of France. The day she arrives at the French court, there is a vision from the seer that their marital union will bring about the death of the French prince. So the prince’s mother goes on a rampage trying to keep them apart until she realises their love is relentless and comes clean to the young Queen of Scots why she has been trying to keep them apart. The whole series is riveting considering its based on a prophecy.

So, back to real life, I have had several prophecies declared over my life and have they been correct? Well yeah, sort of. But one prophecy has kept me up late at night thinking about life. Hanzi if I carry on living the way that I do, I wont see the age of 30. Thats like 5 years. In his vision, there’s blood everywhere and I have been gutted like an elephant in Hwange (see pic below.) And ever since then I have been running from my own shadow. Constantly living in fear. Too scared to go out. Then I thought about it carefully and I realised we all die sometime. And the future is subject to change. With the guy that I was seeing at that time of course being in harm’s way was highly likely but common sense took me out of that situation not the ‘prophecy’.


The thing with prophits (I can’t really voice out my genuine feelings) but I wish you’d stay out of my life. Your words have no weight here. I’ve had several men of the cloth come up to me and prophecy that God told them that we get married (Gumbura type of thing to say) And I thought shuwa Jesu how many husbands does one really need? Getting me to marry just one of your creatures will be a miracle but to marry more than once is overambitious. So my reaction has always been if God does want us to marry (which I doubt cause he made me so he knows I aspire for men better than you) then he will tell me himself directly. Til then stay outta my lane.

There’s gross abuse of the Lord’s name and the day shall come when he shall smite the wicked and forwarding those Whatsapp chain messages ain’t gonna save you. All these magicians and charlatans you’ve been placing in authority over your lives instead of Jesus you’ll be sorry. Bible says try all spirits. Look at the fruits of the pastor. Is he bearing good fruits? Read your own bible don’t let someone else pervert it for their selfish gains.