To my fellow females, we need to stop selling each other dreams. We need to be honest about our lives and the struggles we are experiencing. We are lying to the doctors, we are lying to the women’s organisations and the worst thing is that we are lying to each other.

“Umntwana ongakhaliyo ufela embeleko/ mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko.”

I have a friend that made me believe that she was dating a knight in shining armour saddled with money bags. The actually truth was she was dating a married man that kept feeding her the iron-fist flavoured knuckle sandwich. (Sounds delicious don’t it?) I don’t understand why we need to live a lie. I can’t help you if you’re lying to me. That’s why we are having too many cases of, “So-and-so has been killed by her boo-thang and we didn’t see it coming.”
Side profile of a young businesswoman with her finger on her lips16 Days of Activism against violence towards women is coming up end of November and we have been trying to gather survivor stories from women who have been through drama and they survived but no one ever comes through. This is what is exacerbating these faux NGOs that claim to be championing your rights meanwhile they are just eating donor money and helping only themselves. Not all of us are struggling with GBV issues, but because you aren’t coming clean about what you are going through.
When you lie about your struggle, nobody can help you. It’s like going to the doctor and claiming you aren’t sexually active meanwhile the STI is eating away at you. Tell the truth, get help and let it go. Living a lie is so exhausting. Keeping up with all the lies and the constant scheming. I personally failed Mathematics and I can’t imagine living a calculative lifestyle.
Money isn’t everything. Too many girls are living a Los Angeles lifestyle on a civil servant pay check. How about you stop looking for validation next door? Make peace with what you have and be content with it. The thing with greed is that you can never have enough. You must resort to all sorts of chicanery to raise funds to support that money guzzling lifestyle. Sounds like too much hard work to me. Daddy taught me well. His policy was, “If you can’t afford it, you can live without it.” Be honest about your situation, let it drive you and propel you forward. If you ignore the bus that’s supposed to take you somewhere while busy waiting for a luxury bus ndezvako.


Ultimately, the truth shall set you free!