NONEWFRIENDSSo every girl deserves her own lipstick mafia and God has blessed me with dope ride-or-die friends. Sifiso Mabhena, Sandiswe Bhule, Heather Dube, Cherish Ntuli, Tash Manzungu, Sdumie. C Moyo, Rozalliny Munemo and Sithabiso Ndhlovu.
These are the women that have been my pillar of strength since day 1. Truth is, my parents and I haven’t always been good to each other. It was so easy for me to get lost in rebellion. I remember this guy in high school saying to me, “Aren’t you scared of the way that you are living? It’s kinda reckless wouldn’t you say?” That was the last thing I needed.
FYI, when somebody is going through their growing stage that’s plagued with mistakes, save the judgement drama for your mama. So these women pulled me through a hard time and made me the woman I am today. They have put up with the highs and lows. Through the suicidal depressions and that kinda joy that makes you feel like you floating on diazaphem.
Not only have they been nurses to my heart but they are also my business partners. Every business idea that I have has been run through them and more often than not, it has been adopted by them like it’s our group child. Women need that supportive net for every facet of their life. These are the women that hold me accountable. They keep me on course with the dream and when it crumbles they know to show up with a cold Fanta and fresh buns.
All the stereotypes about female cliques being dramatic are hogwash. Mature women are capable of discussing intimate personal issues without being petty and or even leaking them. Not once have I ever heard my business in the streets. And I’d like to think that none of them are working on a tell-all book.
They say, “Birds of a feather flock together,” well my friends and I soar like eagles. Our differences have made our conglomerate invincible. Our dreams interlink. The diverse points of view ensure that I’m fully informed on all the issues that we discuss. It doesn’t help that we are all intelligent and highly opinionated. We all have our US$0,02 about everything.
I hope God blesses every woman with friends of this calibre. People that accept you as you are. The only 7 beings that can handle my several shades of crazy. Women that can decode the unorthodox way of thinking that I have. Women that will support you through whatever whether you are wrong or right and then reprimand you in the Whatsapp group. Women that have come together and been friends for years and yet they have never lost their own personal identity. Apart geographically but never at heart.