I have heard a lot of entrepreneurs chanting the slogan, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win!” And all this is fair and fine…in sport but what about in real life? What if I turn 30 and I am still pursuing a dead-end dream that has yielded no results. Can I quit then? At which point can the dog with a bone realise that there is meat elsewhere whilst I’m flogging a dead donkey? Christians are probably recalling the story of the bones that came to life and that’s ok but those bones were resuscitated after they once lived. If your idea has never lived it can’t be resuscitated. Perseverance and determination are all admirable traits but don’t be stupid. You can’t be 30 and still trying to pursue that career in music. Kana zvisingade don’t force.

We get that we all have a dream but we must also be weary of decoys. Decoys, I’d like to believe, occur when you envy somebody else’s dream. If it’s working for them it’s not guaranteed that it will work for you. Not all of us are gold panners, not all of us are writers and most of us are definitely not entrepreneurs. Most people don’t realise that some dreams have a ‘sell by’ date. Imagine you had a business idea in 2008 to sell fuel. It would be hardly relevant right now wouldn’t it? What I have learnt is to always execute the idea at the time that it comes to me. I’d like to believe that when I see that burning bush about my idea God has already paved my way to my Pharaoh and has already designated me an Aaron that will share the journey with me.

Good entrepreneurs know when to quit!