Sex is not the weapon of mass destruction that it has been made out to be. I think wives should pay special attention to this reality. Conjugal rights are so vital that even prisoners that have been deprived of other priviledges still get to fool around with their wives. Although sex can boost confidence and release happiness hormones, there are a couple things that sex simply CANNOT do.

1. Wont make him love/marry you
Sex for men is physical whereas for women its emotional. You can sleep with him for years and he still wont marry you. If you aren’t ready to cross the line then don’t. Sex isn’t a guarantee he will stay. If he leaves then he wasn’t yours to begin with.

2. Wont make her straight
Corrective rape is such a flawed idea. How does forcing her to have sex supposed to convince her that she is missing out by dating women? But because of ego these rapists need to take out their esteem issues on lesbians. As if turning her straight is some kind of compliment to their manhood.

3. Won’t cure you of HIV/AIDS
Some agents of darkness are advising desperate HIV patients to sleep with a virgin or albinos in an effort to cure their HIV. A dying man will clutch at straws for real. Our daughters aren’t safe. It is crazy that the virus is further perpetuated to young girls that hadn’t indulged by men who shouldn’t have indulged.

4. Won’t make you cool
These aren’t the 90s that we are living in. Having sex with someone will not make you cool. Everybody is having sex. The emptiest vessels make the most noise. People that are having bomb sex don’t feel the need to let everybody know.

5. Wont punish anybody but you
Heard a Nicki Minaj song telling women to sleep with their ex’s friend to punish him. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is stupid. Men also have the similar idea but they believe to get over one you must get under another. Healing comes from within yes even without sex.

6. Won’t mend your broken heart
When we go through grief its natural to yearn for physical touch. They say tragedy brings people together and sometimes it’s not the right person it draws you to. Take your time, go through your process. Surround yourself with family and friends.

7. Won’t give you wealth and success
Sex is the long way disguised as a short cut. Easy come, easy go. You can be sleeping with your boss for favours and promotions but without adequate qualifications and expertise you will eventually crumble from the top. Going through the right channels prepares you for the top. You can’t skip levels. You lose both credibility and respect. Who will hire you when it falls apart?

8. Won’t fill that gaping hole
There are people that grew up feeling love deprived and turn to sex to self-medicate. I see why sex would be a drug of choice but there is a difference between love and lust. Love will heal you but lust will leave you more damaged than before. Sex is not the highest level of love and it never will. It will never make up for everything you grew up without.

9. Won’t fix daddy issues
So you grew up without a father and now you are as together as shattered glass. So you date older men to try salvage that fatherly affection. Oooh Shem! Your real daddy wouldn’t take advantage of you and stick it to you. Its a warped kinda incest. Dealing with your issues is a choice. And you don’t need anyone else to heal you. Make peace with the rejection from your dad and look out for you cause he sure as hell won’t.

10. Won’t make you loose
I don’t even know who came up with this theory that penis can stretch the vagina. You give the penis way too much credit. If we say childbirth then maybe. But otherwise it can’t happen. Kegel exercises can keep things the way they should be. Don’t buy into the lie.