We are four months into the year. How’s it going for you?

How many resolutions have you stuck to?

How much have you achieved?

If you could base the rest of the year on your first quarter how’s it looking?

I’m proud to say that I have made so much progress in these past three months. So many things that I’ve had on the list for years have been accomplished. For the sake of keeping it concise, I’ll just highlight 3 of the best things that have happened to my career in this quarter under review. I have been keeping a gratitude jar so I know exactly how blessed I have been this year.

I started at The Jupiter Drawing Room in February as a copywriter. It’s always been a thing for me to go into advertising. I love being in my element. It’s creatively challenging which helps me to learn and grow everyday. I am blessed because I am doing what I love and being paid for it. I am exposed to other creatives that are at the top of their game and hopefully I’ll pick up new skills as well.

TvYangu gave me the opportunity to do The Creative Collective: Blogger Series show. We’ll be doing a season of 13 episodes. I get to be part of such a much-needed initiative of profiling and celebrating local bloggers. Zimbabwean bloggers are doing  big things, monitising their grind and diversifying and this is worth of applause. I hope when people finally get to see the Creative Collective they can be inspired that despite the economic situation, it can be done.

Got the opportunity to contribute to an anthology alongside numerous strong women that I admire. The anthology is titled, “Divas Without Limits” and it highlights the various struggles that we face as young women in this modern day and how we forge ahead despite the circumstances. Haven’t had the pleasure of reading the other chapters but I am very pleased with what I came up with eventually.

In other news, I have an amazing boyfriend who really understands it. All of it. He is everything! We are also making headway at Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe, new members, new projects and a new website coming soon. My blog is going on video. I will start vlogging soon and finally add Youtuber to my CV.

What are some of your highlights for the first quarter?