Are women even allowed to hate children?

Getting into public transport is an experience on it’s own but the worst thing is getting into a kombi and sitting next to a woman with a child or even worse… two children. She can’t afford to pay for the one child to sit so you have to kinda make room for the child to stand between the two of you and on top of that, the mother is probably carrying like a million bags plus the baby. The standing child is a child so they’ll probably wriggle, invade your personal space and step on your feet.

Why didn’t you help the woman?

Before you judge me for not helping this mother, let me defend myself. I used to help overwhelmed mothers, I lived for it. I’d help them with their babies or luggage. Until this one lady that I hadn’t volunteered to help just handed me her baby while she searched around for her coins to pay the fare. The child wasn’t nice to look at. The baby looked like Chucky. The child was filthy. Moist. I couldn’t get that baby’s stench off of my arm the whole day. It was then that I made a vow to never touch a baby that isn’t mine. Lesson was learnt.

Do you hate all children?

The title of this blog post may have been misleading. I hate children that aren’t mine and I don’t have any so you can see the problem. Had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman and her baby at a wedding. Not only did the woman block my view with her post-pregnancy body, but her little brat kept throwing her food into my plate. I pulled out my wedding invitation and showed her the fine-print, “No children allowed.” I had always thought these wedding planners were stingy by not allowing kids to come to wedding. In that moment, it totally made sense. I don’t know why people don’t respect that. Is the free food really not worth you sitting out the wedding?

What should happen now?

If you’re gonna take your child out into society, please bring them up right. I will not slap a child, but I will cuss the mother out to hell. If I wanted a child, I would have one. I am not ready to be inconvenienced yet. When I am, I will have a baby. Your child’s behaviour is a reflection of you as a parent. I will judge you if your child is unruly. I will also hold you responsible for anything that your child breaks, destroys or makes a mess of. “You know how kids can be,” is not a free pass. You will replace anything and everything that your child has damaged. It will teach you a lesson about better parenting.

What have been some of your experiences with children that weren’t yours that made you want to be sterile?