Doing the blogging challenge correctly should have instilled a new habit of writing everyday. It takes 21 days to create a new habit but I am cheating (technically.) I draft them before hand and publish them on their respective days. The aim is still being achieved so whatever gets the job done I suppose.


My day job has suffocated my blogging. I have a list of 50 topics that are waiting to be written but I am creatively maxed out. The challenge has taught me to find the time to write despite having a busy schedule. Being accountable to the other group members is the push that I needed to churn out content consistently.


When you have posted the post for that day, you send a link to the group and we will read each other’s content and support each other’s blogs. The WhatsApp group was more personal. We see links all the time on social media but because I know the person and its one of our own, we have cultivated a culture of mutual support.


I am now aware of how many people read my content. It’s always a shock to me when people quote me from my blog. I have the audience and now I need to give them a show worth watching. I do not take their love and support for granted, and I will try to be more consistent with the blog updates.


The challenge wasn’t much of a challenge because most of the topics I had covered before. The challenge did give me insight on how my crush’s mind works and his perspectives on things. Still crushing on him because we have the same view about fundamental issues. Let’s hope he wasn’t just writing for the hell of it.