Dating while parenting is difficult, especially for women. In most instances, mothers are the ones that have custody of the children while the father of the child is restricted to weekly visitations. Giving him more time and opportunity to have a vibrant dating life. Women are more likely to be open to the idea of being a step-parent than men.


If I ever got pregnant by the wrong one and we fell apart, I’d keep the child. No man is an island so at some point I’d pursue getting back on the dating wagon but being a single mom would probably alter what I am looking for in a man. Firstly, I’d cease to date for the hell of it, the suitors will now be tried and tested as a potential father to my baby. Meaning I cannot date pet projects or Mr-Feels-Good-Right-Now.


These suitors would never be allowed in my house or anywhere near my child until I know what is what. The last thing I need is my child emotionally investing in passers-by. This could warp their idea of what love is or what it is supposed to be. I don’t trust any human being with my child. People can be unpredictable and start doing all sorts of horrible things because the child isn’t theirs. I’d never take that chance.


I wouldn’t consider being with a man who doesn’t respect my role as a mother. If he ever tries to make me choose between him and my baby, the decision is a no-brainer. There are people who would choose their mate over their kids but that’s not me. Blood will always be thicker than water. My child will always be loyal to me and a boyfriend can wake up and leave me for someone else. My loyalty is with my child unapologetically.


If ever you are in this kind of situation, where your partner has a baby mama/daddy, its best you stay our of it. Speak only when spoken to and leave well enough alone. You were not there when they made the baby, neither were you there when they broke up. You know nothing about nothing so just fall all the way back while the adults figure it out.