Girls get touched on inappropriately more than you think. It was just shocking that for Ariana Grande it happened live in HD by a leader of the church.

In the Kombi

Some commuter omnibuses are smaller than others. You could have the displeasure being squashed next to some pervert. Had this one guy that I was sitting next to in public transportation and we were crammed granted but this guy had his arm over me and he kept moving his elbow, fidgeting like he was caressing my boob with his triceps. (I use triceps loosely, he wasn’t a gym rat. I’m just not sure what the back on the arm is called.)

Riding shortgun in a kombi is great until you are in the middle seat and the driver keeps shifting the gears up and down your thigh. I refuse to sit in that hot seat. Pants, skirt or dress, I don’t care I do not sit in that seat. I could be carrying a metal trunk on my lap I still wouldn’t sit next to driver in a kombi. Its unnerving.

During Driving Lessons

Been trying to get my license for the past month now. Yep, I waited til the last minute to start my driving lessons. I found this convenient driving school that’s close to my work place so that I can do my driving lessons during lunch or before work cause my Provisional expires soon. During one of my lessons, the instructor gets agitated and starts smacking my thigh and yelling something about the clutch. I passed it off as innocent. Assumed that’s how the game is played until one day he crossed a line and now my Provisional can expire for all I care.

In Long Queues

This one a lot of people male and female can relate to. I don’t what it is with people and queues trying to stand really close to one another. Are you afraid that if there is breathing room someone will cut into the queue? Do you think by standing close to the person in front of you the queue will move any faster? Well it won’t! Please step back! There is no reason why our bodies should touch in a queue. Once again, it seems like an innocent enough incident but the violation of personal space is uncomfortable. Feeling a whole human being breathing on your neck. Disgusting.

In the Church

This was an obvious one. When the pastor needs to lay holy hands to make your breasts run milk and reverse the curse of barrenness that was placed upon you. Yeah, we’ve seen the video clips. This act of deliverance needs deliverance! These are the pervert pastors that take advantage of desperate women talking about the key to unlocking your womb must be delivered sexually through my holy milk. His people perish guys.

Family Gatherings

Inappropriate family members, usually the dirty uncle that feel the need to feel up on the nieces. Starts with stupid comments like, “Oh my how you’ve grown.” Then some stupid joke about how you’re a woman now and you’ll be worth many beasts when the bride price negotiations come around. Families just like to shrug it off and turn a blind eye to them and pretend that it’s not happening. It is! It’s happening, stop enabling these perverts.

What are some of the incidents that give you anxiety as a woman?