MaKupsy aka Fitness Bae texted me about possibly having a 30 day blogging challenge and I was sold in less than 5 minutes. Anything that has to do with Zimbabwean bloggers I jump to instantly. She created a WhatsApp group, we sent out invitations to bloggers about the challenge and in the first day we had 30 members in the group.


I personally did the challenge because she asked me. True story, if she hadn’t directly approached me to help her out with it, I would not have bothered. I have a deep, intense #SheHeals blogging challenge that could change my life for the better but it’s still on the to-do list. She put me on the spot, there was no room for excuses, I panicked and I said yes sure, why not.


This is an exciting challenge. Firstly, you have to blog everyday and you also blog the about the same topic with like 50 other people. It is a true test of creativity. How will your post be different from the others?Why should the public read your perspective on that topic as opposed to the other Zimbabwean bloggers?


It is a great opportunity to network and meet other bloggers. It is a social group where we are getting to know the people behind the blog, sharing ideas and coming up with new ideas for blogging in Zimbabwe. It’s a great place to get help and support for typical blogger issues.


This was a guided challenge. We all had the same topic for the same day for all 30 days. This is great because I do not have to stress about what to blog about in the month of September. The worst thing you could say to me is, “Write about anything.” My mind will chase its tail for a while trying to decide what to blog about. Even in high school I  enjoyed guided creative story writing. Don’t give me too much creative writing license, I’ll drive myself crazy.


Rumour has it, on the blog streets, that when you post more often you’ll get more traffic to your blog. I’ll finally get a chance to find out because I have to post everyday for 30 days. There are conflicting theories on blogging frequency, some say blog often and consistently and the others say don’t blog too much you’ll bore your followers. Its time for trial by fire. Will keep you posted on how it went.