FallPlanning a wedding is always a trying time. From financial considerations to cultural conflicts, planning the best day of your life (arguably) can be a stress and you need to be surrounded by a team that follows the plan not brings on the pain.

Ever watched that show “Say Yes to the Dress” bridesmaid edition? Those are the bridesmaids you don’t need. They come through with the attitude of a bride wanting what suits their differing personalities and the bride is always caught in the middle.

But who’s wedding is it anyway?

Here’s my thing, the one getting married must have her way. When in Rome do as the Romans want you to do. And you just gotta play Vegas and let your attitude stay in Vegas. Wait your turn, and then maybe at YOUR wedding you can have the circus you’d dreamt of since you were a little girl.

Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t come and volunteer your $0,02 when you’ve contributed nothing towards the wedding. Remove your robe and put down the gavol and take several seats.

The bride and the families have done all they possibly could with the funds that were available to them and here comes you, cash-strapped you, tryna tell them how they coulda done better. Where were you when stuff was being paid for? You should have been here to pay for the better you speak of.

A bride’s wedding day is her special day. A celebration of a life long commitment. And most people want to turn it into a dating site. No, we are not getting you a sexy bridesmaid dress so you can meet men at the wedding. This desperation is the reason why you’re a bridesmaid and not the bride.

When picking your bridesmaids, it should be based on merit. Who’s been there for you? Who always come through for you? Who doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes to make sure your day is perfect? Its not an easy task and not just any random streetwalker can pull it off. Or that long lost cousin that your Mum added to the bridal team for the sake of relations.