1We all want to be flawless like Beyonce. But we can’t all wake up like this…from a plastic surgeon’s table.

Of course if our financial situation was more cooperative we would have also had plastic surgery done to alter our bodies to those impossible standards.

So…just because you’re broke are you doomed to life as an ugly duckling with no transformation into a beautiful swan?

By no means. You too can be beautiful. Imma letchu in on a secret.

Firstly, I think every woman is beautiful the way they are. Work with watchu have as long as its clean, shaven, combed, filed-down, brushed, deodorised and moisturised. Personally, I have lost my fight with my pot belly. So now I’ll just invest in high waist underwear from Jet that feels like a bulletproof vest. Flat tummy for only $7,65.

I’d love to have work done on my teeth to fill up the gaps. And for the longest time wouldn’t smile cause of it. And now I’m still self conscious about it so the smiles are still kinda awkward. But I made peace with it and said, “Ay they may not be my ideal set but old people would kill to have teeth again.” So as long as they are brushed and flossed the rest is beyond my control.

Another most likely to be augmented is the breasts. Ladies, none of us were born with a matching pair. Most of the things you wanna fix under the knife can be solved with simple underwire. Buy a good bra, padded if need be and it has to be the correct size. If your bags of fun are saggy. There’s creams for that and exercises that can make you perkier. Thank you Google.

For black girls, there are problematic areas that just wanna be blacker than the rest of your complexion. Knees, elbows, bum…anything that bends and folds basically. Unfortunately, not even skin bleach can fix those. But you know what can? A pumice stone to exfoliate the tough skin so that moisturiser can infiltrate and do its job. You can also use a moisturiser that improves your tone. They have skin bleaching chemicals in safer dosages.

You may not be able to fix everything you don’t like about thyself. But take the time to fix and address the issues that are within your control. Ultimately, learn to accept yourself the way that you are. Love yourself. And focus on the aspects of your being that you do like and remember that the world sees you the way you see you!